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Storage & Filing

Storage solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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4 Drawer fire resistant filing cabinet

Protects vital documents from fire to up to 2hrseffortless movement of drawersSafe and engineos lock..

KES 185,600

Hand Push Compactor LCP 18| Bulk Filer | Mobile Shelving 8 BAY MANUAL BULK FILER 2087X4050X9..

KES 350,000

Hand Push Compactor LCP 24| Bulk Filer | Mobile Shelving 4X2 BAY MANUAL BULK FILER 2087X2455..

KES 310,000

Odyssey fire resistant cabinet

SERVE 'GRADE A' SECURITYAudit trial facilityAutomatic lock outBacklit key padEmergency manual read k..

KES 30,000

3 Door Cabinet N16-C

Walnut Veneered Bookshelf 3 Door..

KES 45,000

10 Drawer Plan Filing Cabinet

Central locking 10 drawer plan filing cabinet. Suitable for paper sizes upto A0 (841mm x 1189mm..


4 Drawer Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet

1.5 hour fire protection, selective locking system allows locking of any of the four drawers indepen..

KES 185,600

6 Drawer Plan Filing Cabinet

6 Drawer Plan Filing Cabinet. Suitable for paper sizes upto A0 (841mm x 1189mm). Cabinet size 1..


7 Drawer Card Index Filing Cabinet

Central locking 7 drawer filing cabinet on strong slides. Each drawer has two compartments for 20 cm..


C320 2 Door BookShelf

Mahogany Veneered Bookshelf 2 Door..

KES 35,000

C320 3 Door Bookshelf

Mahogany Veneered Executive Bookshelf..

KES 55,000

C320 4 Door Bookshelf

Mahogany Veneered Executive Bookshelf..

KES 65,000

Hand Push Compactor LCP 14| Bulk Filer | Mobile Shelving 4 BAY MANUAL BULK FILER 2087X24..

KES 180,000

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